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Welcome to the “Land of Kings”. Rajasthan could be a true state of contrasts, and Rajasthan travel reflects that!
From desert scrub to holy lakes, one factor that’s hard to grasp for the first-time (or even repeat) visitor is that the sheer size of the place
In researching a state of contrasts, i used to be happy to seek out that the comparatively well-developed tourism infrastructure is matched by the gradual look of eco-friendly options. more than that, were the options that build a trial to attach guests to Rajasthani culture beyond a superficial level. Thereby making a lot of opportunities for accountable travel in Rajasthan.

This guide to travel in Rajasthan covers best places to go to in Rajasthan, best places to stay, attractions and activities, also as aware and ethical travel in Rajasthan. Our guide additionally covers a way to see a less popular aspect of Rajasthan – do you have to want to – and tips for ethical and responsible travel in Rajasthan.

When is the Best Time to visit Rajasthan?

The best (and so most popular) time to go to Rajasthan is throughout winter, between October – March, with the busiest months being December, January and (sometimes) February. during this time the weather in Rajasthan is pleasant – you’ll be heat under the daytime sun, however it will get cold at night!
An alternative time to arrange your trip to Rajasthan for, is during monsoon (mid June – September). Rajasthan gets way less rain – in any case it’s mostly a desert – than alternative states in India, the crowds are fewer during this time and the prices cheaper. Weather tends to be overcast and humid (and will be humid/hot) thus true if you’re centered on clear blue skies, winter is some time to go to.
Stay clear during the months of Apr and may as temperatures soar and can reach over 50 degrees centigrade…

    • January to March

50F – 80F
10°C – 27°C
4MM – 7MM

    • April to June

75F – 105F
24°C – 45°C
11MM – 30MM

    • July to September

70F – 95F
21°C – 35°C
100MM – 165MM

    • October to December

55F – 85F
13°C – 30°C
3MM – 8MM

Planning a visit to Rajasthan

The first issue to figure out for coming up with your trip to Rajasthan is to figure out what proportion time you’ve got to pay here. though Rajasthan is “only” one state of Asian nation, it’s huge! there’s no “ideal” length of your time to pay in Rajasthan – you may match the key sites into per week, however you may simply keep yourself busy for a month here. most of the people have spherical time period to travel in Rajasthan, that may be a smart start line.
There square measure some choices for a way to set up your trip to Rajasthan.
The first being to travel severally and set up everything yourself. you’ll be able to travel severally notwithstanding your budget – this feature isn’t just for backpackers! freelance travel in Rajasthan permits most flexibility and also the best chance to soak up Rajasthani culture, native food and meet fellow travellers severally, however it additionally means that longer up front creating your own travel arrangements which might take a touch of your time. If you select this feature I recommend having a thought of wherever you wish to travel initial therefore you recognize that order to go to places in (see my othe posts around section below). this is often the manner I travel.
If you’re a solo feminine individual desirous to travel severally in Rajasthan we’ve got some recommendations on solo feminine travel below.
A second possibility is to urge facilitate with coming up with your itinerary, and / or hiring a non-public automobile and driver to urge around. This has the advantage of taking the burden of designing off your shoulders however maintaining flexibility in however long you pay in every destination, wherever you keep and the way to pay some time in Rajasthan.
Your third possibility is to require a bunch tour, that is ideal for after you would rather travel with others, have a sure company beware of the itinerary and coming up with, and be in the course of a neighborhood guide.

How to Travel Around Rajasthan

Most of Rajasthan is well connected to metropolis and different parts of the North West of India by rail. Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Bikaner serve as the most terminal hubs, although it’s additionally possible directly from Delhi to Jaisalmer by train (daily, 18 hours). Delhi to Jaipur takes 5-6 hours. Distances even within Rajasthan are still massive to cover – for example the train from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur is 8 hours, Jaipur to Jodhpur 5-6 hours
Hiring a driver for some} parts of the journey provides more flexibility and depending on your budget is price effective if a few people share for shorter routes. Udaipur to Jodhpur has no train service, so many hire a driver for the 6 hour route, going via the religion temples at Ranakpur – otherwise you can take the bus.
An alternative is to take the bus. Buses in India tend to be less comfy than the train, however have the advantage that they’ll simply be booked last minute (whereas trains may be sold out).

What to Pack for Rajasthan
Here are some of I recommended essentials for your Rajasthan packing list.
• Sunblock! A sun hat and or scarf to protect your head from the sun is also advisable, even in winter the sun is strong
• Layers: Rajasthan will get extremely cold within the evenings in winter – it will get all the way down to 5 degrees Celsius at midnight in Jaipur in January! Bring a fleece jacket, warm sweater or light down coat that scrunches up small with you. you’ll also purchase a warm scarf once in india.
• Head torch/flashlight – helpful for tenting and power cuts!
India’s power sockets are a fun mix – including two round pin european style, three round pin and 3 sq. pin. so a multi way travel adaptor (or 3) is a must! Make sure to bring a power bank for long bus, launch and train journeys

Rajasthan Travel information

Rajasthan is a perfect blend of ethnic and fashionable values. it is popularly referred to as the Land of Maharajas. The name is totally justified because it has splendid forts and palaces depicting richness, romanticism, heroism, and loyalty.
This distinctive state attracts varied tourists once a year with its made culture beside captivating music and art. it’s placed within the middle of desert and is encircled by the oldest range of mountains of India, the Aravallis. It additionally observes numerous fairs and festivals inside the state that square measure famed worldwide. It additionally homes exotic life that produces an ideal vacation.
Rajasthan may be a land that provides nice assortment like Forts, palaces, havelis, wildlife, sand dunes, non secular places, fairs and festivals, safaris, handicrafts, etc. altogether giving its guests associate final expertise.
Some of its quickest growing cities square measure Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. although the cities square measure developing apace adopting modernism nevertheless the simplicity and cordial reception failed to dissolve. Therefore, it’s one among the most important holidaymaker destinations of India.
Hawa Mahal – the Palace of Wind in Jaipur, Jantar Mantar, the town of Lakes – Udaipur and its Lake Palace, Jaisalmer Fort and ancient havelis beside a Sufi shrine at Ajmer and also the town of Pushkar (where the largest kine truthful is held), the Thar Desert square measure the most important attractions in Rajasthan. alternative attractions embrace Kota and Bundi with ancient forts & palaces and rough piece of land.
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The state serves an ideal place to buy the standard handicrafts and colourful attires, ethnic jewellery and mojaris/jutis that you’ll be able to collect as souvenirs for your idolized ones. Visit this majestic place in between middle October and middle March to relish the fullest.
Rajasthan, at one time referred to as Rajputana or the Land of the Kings, is that the excellent example of India’s grandeur and magnificence geological dating back to many centuries. Majestic palaces, white and golden-sand deserts, ancient crafts and authentic cookery create Rajasthan a perfect selection for every kind of travellers.

Don’t leave Rajasthan before you See:

1. Amber Fort (Jaipur)
The ancient fastness of the Kachhawa social group, Amber (pronounced Amer) fort, is found some eleven kilometres from Jaipur. an ideal mix of Mughal and Hindu design, the fort may be a gorgeous creation in red arenaceous rock and white marble. The Maota Lake adds to its charm and offers guests with crystal clear reflections of the fort.
2. Lake Palace (Udaipur)
The Aravalli Mountains kind the right scenery for this jewel within the middle of Lake Pichola. designed as a summer palace by the house of Udaipur, it’s currently been seized by the Taj cluster of Hotels. carven marble columns, ornamental gild moldings and, of course, a wizardly read has crystal rectifier to that being voted jointly of the foremost romantic hotels in India and also the world.
3. Umaid Bhawan Palace (Jodhpur)
One of the most important non-public residences within the world, the Umaid Bhawan Palace, are often best represented because the excellent mixture of Indian and art movement designs. With 347 rooms, the palace accustomed offer employment to over 3000 folks once the house was still in power.
In fact, a neighborhood of the palace continues to be the non-public residence of Jodhpur’s house. Another section has been nonheritable by the ITC cluster of Hotels, and caters to the requirements of diverse tourists throughout the year.
4. Dilwara temples (Near Mount Abu)
The faith temples at Dilwara square measure thought-about the best example of marble stone carvings in India. situated some kilometres from Mount Abu (the solely hill station in Rajasthan), the temples square measure famed for his or her ornate marble design, notably the complex carving on the ceilings and also the pillars. it’s one among the foremost fashionable faith pilgrim’s journey sites within the world.

Things to Do

1. Get up, close and personal with camels at the Pushkar fair
Held in November each year at the time of Kartik Poornima, the Pushkar camel fair is organized on an epic scale, attracting over 11,000 camels, cattle and horses. held over 14 days, it’s visited by over 400,000 people from around the world and is that the perfect chance to witness the chaos and the colour of Rajasthan.

2. Tie a mannat at Ajmer Sharif
According to folklore, those who visit the Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti dargah at Ajmer are blessed by God, and their mannats (wishes) are always granted. colourful chadars, soulful qawwalis and authentic Mughlai food can make your trip to the dargah a unforgettable experience.

3. Take a ride on the wild aspect at Ranthambore
Ranthambore is one in all the largest national parks within the country. placed within the Sawai Madhopur district, the Park is roughly 130 kilometres from Jaipur. Once the favorite hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, Ranthambore park has nowadays become a well-liked traveller attraction for people interested in life. opening times of the Park might vary as per the season, and safaris are organized twice a day (morning and evening).

4. go on a desert safari in Jaisalmer
A desert safari through Jaisalmer evokes a tremendous picture of the brilliance and the desolation of the desert. The golden town of Rajasthan (named after the yellow sandstone the city is famous for) is well-known for its camel safaris into the Thar desert. For a really distinctive experience, spend the night within the desert underneath a transparent sky with several stars shining their fall upon you.


1. dal Baati Churma
When in Rajasthan, eat like the Rajasthanis! try the iconic dal Baati Churma, the most-loved food in Rajasthan. Baati is a hard bread that is served with a mixed-lentil dal. you can choose from plain baatis or ones stuffed with lentils, peas, onion or sattu. unsalted baatis are finely crushed and mixed with sugar and ghee to prepare choorma.
2. Laal Maans
This traditional Rajasthani dish is a meat curry cooked in myriad spices and loaded with red chillies.
3. Ghevar
A popular Rajasthani course, Ghevar is a round sweet made with wheat flour and soaked in sweetening and is available in multiple varieties.