Parvati & Pin Valley for trekking for Backpackers

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Of all my wandering, if a neighborhood has return pretty damn on the brink of earning the title, ‘paradise on earth’, it’s Devlok. Hindu deity valley, conjointly called Devlok, or abode of the gods, is the home to river parvati, as well on a large number of backpackers and Hippies. with a spectacle of nature, with inexperienced slopes and blue skies, rivers and waterfalls, and a lot of gorgeous view at each bend.

Places in Parvati valley

With its scenic slopes and ideal summers, Parvati has been a well-liked haunt for backpackers, who are constantly looking for a decent blend of beauty, peace and charas.


The entry point into Parvati valley is through the city Bhuntar. you’ll be able to reach Bhunter by air or by road. Himachal tourism, punjab tourism, Haryana tourism and other numerous different state and personal outfits run a large range of buses in and out of Bhuntar daily. The closest railway line is in Kullu. Bhuntar houses the only Airport of the region. The airport consists of a single, little runway set during a deep valley whose peaks rise many thousand feet on top of the runway, that limits it to be utilized by little aircrafts solely.

Kasol Main Chowk

Kasol is a small, bustling Himalayan city at the doorway of Parvati valley, crammed with cafes, shops, motels, and fewer power cuts than the rest of Parvati valley.

Charas in Parvati valley

Parvati is usually referred to as Amstedam of the East, and is additionally (secretly) called the soft drug capital of the planet. The famous Malana charas grows here like common weed within the fertile soil. Charas is extravagantly accessible, and a lot of simply found in smaller places like tosh, Malana of course, Katagla and Chalal. Here, you may realize most travellers engulfed in small fortunes of smoke. Be warned though, this can be strictly illegal , and you almost certainly can enjoy a high-free trip instead of the insides of an Indian jail.

Treks in Parvati valley

Assuming the starting point to be Kasol, here are few treks that i recommend for their views, experiences and uniqueness. i’d advise that you spend 3 to 4 weeks trekking during Parvati valley, as this region is best explored on foot.

1 to 2 hours from Kasol,

Kalga: Take a bus/drive to Barsheni (1 hour), then trek up to Kalga (1/2 hour)

Pulga: Take a bus/drive to Barsheni (1 hour), then trek up to Pulga (1/2 hour)

Malana: Jari (8 km/half hour from Kasol) is an entry point to Malana. About 1.5 kilometre from Jari is that the Malana powerhouse where visitors must register their names before coming into the valley. You will take a shared automobile (about 200 per head) from Jari to the second gate of the dam. From the powerhouse to the dam is ten kilometre, and thereafter it’s an uneven trek of seven kilometre to Malana. The last four kilometre stretch is treasonably uphill.

Trekking in Parvati valley,

Katagla: A 30 to 40 minute walk down from Kasol, then cross the bridge across river Parvati to achieve Katagla.

6 hours from Kasol,

Kheer Ganga (Khir Ganga): Trek through Kasol and also the several villages of Parvati listed below, to the recent springs in Kheer Ganga.

Manikaran: Manikaran may be a little pilgrim’s journey city, 4 km from Kasol, packed with Sikhs (a religion well-known for its turban wearing followers) who have come back to supply their prayers at the Gurudwara. strive the tasty Indian food at the Punjab Dhaba at the Manikaran bus stop.

Katagla: A small, cute very little village that lies opposite Kasol, on the other side of River Parvati within the valley. This aspect of the valley has no roads, and therefore all commute should get on foot. Katagla options a couple of guest homes, and conjointly acts a venue for several 24 to 72 hour trans festivals and rave parties.

Rasol: Rasol may be a 8 kilometer semi-tough uphill trek from Kasol. Takes regarding 4 hours (depending on your speed). The hostel at Rasol is reasonable, and also the trek scenic. However, the route is lonely, and if you’re motion alone, I recommend you pair up or realize a group to trek to Rasol.

Tosh: Tosh is it’s currently possible to approach to the bottom of village tosh (some 2 hours from Kasol), and climb up a mere 20 to 25 minutes to search out yourself touching rock bottom fringes of the steep slope of tosh.