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Bishnupur, a town in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal known for its unique terracotta temples in India. There are several temples, dating from 17th and 18th century, which display an exquisite art form and each more beautifully embellished than the other.

You could have 2 option to visit here, either you take a day tour from kolkata which will take take 8/9 hrs for a complete tour, or you could choose to stay and take a full day tour with the culture of bishnupur to mix up with.

This place is well connected by Road and Rail. Nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport , it is located 160km from kolkata, which will take about 4 hours scenic drive. Or you could take direct buses/trains from kolkata.

Upon arrival into Bishnupur,

begin with a visit of the foremost notable temples:
  • Pancha ratnaTemple of Shyam Rai
  • Jorebangla Temple of Keshta Rai
  • Raghunathjiu Temple
  • Madanmohan Temple
  • Dalmadal Kaman
  • Lalgarh
  • Lalbandh
  • Acharya Jogeshchandra Museum
  • Gumgarh
  • Pathar Darwaja (Main Gateway of Bishnupur)
  • Garh Darwaja (Small Gateway of Bishnupur)
  • Stone Chariot
  • Nutan Mahal
  • Bishnupur hawa mahal
  • Memorial of Shrinibas Acharya
  • Gour-Nitai Temple (Tejpal)
  • KeshabRai Temple (Patpur)
  • Radhamadhab Temple (built in 1737 CE by Shiramonidevi)
  • Kalachand Temple (built in 1656 CE)
  • Radhagovinda Temple, and Nandalal Temple, you can notice the treasure-trove of terracotta sculptures especially those related to, Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu and his love Radha which are depicted in most all of the temples.

After enjoying a lunch, continue the tour to see the performance stage, Rashmancha, built in 1600 CE the oldest brick temple with an elongated pyramidal tower Surrounded by hut-shaped turrets.

Then, you can visit to Jogesh Chandra museum to get a taste of art and archeology, in here you could see the tools from the Mesolithic and Paleolithic era, terracotta sculptures, and ornaments made of metal.

View up to date art, paintings, and rare images similarly as a locality of the deposit dedicated to musical culture which has instruments and images.

And at last,dont forget to visit Jor Bangla Temple and the Malla King’s fort which lies in partial ruins.