Backpacking through Spiti Valley and Kinnaur

August 23, 2019 0 By admin

Cold, remote and arid, a high altitude mountain desert valley, Spiti valley and Kinnaur lies in one in all the highest mountains of India. A turquoise river flows through the mud brown, white rocked valley, with sapphire blue skies, beautiful scarlet and gold Buddhist monasteries that glimmer like jewels within the arid landscape. Spiti is definitely unlike something you’ve got seen to date, because no landscape, quite like Spiti valley exists.

Where and When to visit

Spiti packs an odd mix of extreme atmospheric condition. it’s among the best places within the world. Life at 3,000 and 4,000 meters altitude itself is sort of difficult, and therefore the land mass being a desert makes it a lot of so. Yet, the inhabitants of the little villages of Spiti manage. Well and with happiness, with immense smiles to impart.

The best time to go to Spiti is from Apr to October. Roads are closed throughout winters. Check for the newest situation before you visit.


Spiti valley and every one of its settlements lie on top of the altitude of 3,000 m, which suggests that hypoxia is a problem.
If you’re on top of the age of 60, a heart patient or suffer BP issues, it’s crucial that you just see your doctor before coming up with your trip to Spiti. even if you’re younger, and fully healthy, everyone is known to react to high altitudes otherwise. see your doctor before you propose your trip. Precaution never hurt anyone.

A Snaking road through Spiti valley and Kinnaur
Chandratal Lake (The lake of Fairies)

A landscape of impossible beauty, and deep religious roots, Chandratal (or Chandra Taal) was the highlight of Spiti trip.

Chandratal lake could be a silent, cold and mystical place. Peoples walked quietly with there rucksacks troubled against the robust, cooling wind, at one with our inner thoughts, and the 2 hours seemed to fly past, leaving me unusually rested. At the last flip, because the lake of fairies, because it is termed, finally swung into read, it had been pure magic that overtook peoples. Search a lot of regarding Chandratal before visiting here.


Kaza is the largest settlement of Spiti valley. full of sacred monasteries that arise like sentinels of faith against a sapphire blue sky during a desert landscape.

Ki and Kibber

The Ki village is called for its monastery, that is that the main structure of this small village. The monastery is like a fortress and a lies atop a hill. The climb to Ki monastery offers beautiful views, even for Spiti.

Kibber (4,205 m) is 8 km before Ki. framed with rock mountains, Kibber could be a treat to lay eyes on.