Backpacking Sikkim: Where beauty redefines itself

August 30, 2019 0 By admin

Enterring Sikkim by road, was like getting into a different world, in a good, amazing way. Endless arid deserts stretched before my eyes, through a huge, wide valley, with high walls and cliffs on either side.

I had ne’er seen something like these landscapes before. yet another alibi to the variety that India offers, Sikkim may be a land where beauty redefines itself. backpacking Sikkim, another indescribable Himalayan kingdom, wealthy in natural beauty and color – positively recommended!

A turquoise-blue stream flowing through white sanded and white rocked depression, manicured roads, is simply the beginning. With vibrant monasteries rising out from scenic, virgin landscapes, and snow-capped mountains, every waking moment in Sikkim may be a visual treat.

For the adrenalin junkies, Sikkim homes Mt. Khangchenzunga the third tallest mountain within the world, a spread of color changing high-altitude lakes, and diverse treks and hikes.

Visa & Permits

While it’s very rewardful to be ready to experience backpacking through Sikkim, some formalities should be completed before you’ll enter Sikkim. For non-Indians, additionally to an Indian visa, a fifteen day inner line permit (ILP) is needed to go to Sikkim.

The permit is free of price, and might be obtained on arrival at the Sikkim border office. Or, if you don’t need to make a stop to require the permit (takes 0.5 an hour) get one in advance from any Indian missions, tourism office, New Delhi, Sikkim tourism office, Kolkata and Sikkim tourism office, Siliguri on the strength of an Indian Visa.

Carry your Passport passport sized photographs. ILP is extended for more 30 days at FRO at Gangtok, Superintendent of Police of North, South and West Districts.

If you want to go to the inside regions, you furthermore may require a Restricted area permit (RAP) OR Protected area permit (PAP) that is available in Gangtok from the Police Check Post and Department of tourism.

Where and When to go

The weather in Sikkim is cold because it is located at high altitude. the ideal time to go to Sikkim is from March to October.


Start at Gangtok, to ease into the awesomeness that lies ahead. each day of searching and tasting amazing Indian foods (try the samosas) at hill station looking street (Mall Road) should provide you with an excellent kick starter. the variability of colors, foods, and the peace loving, friendly locals are the cherry on top.

From Gangtok, you’ll would like further permits if you’re to travel more into Sikkim.

Sikkim is astoundingly stunning, and numerous place with beautiful, useful folks. The monasteries lend to its peaceful atmosphere, as do the scaling mountains around. Hope you find warmth and joy here, as I did.

Bon Voyage!