Backpacking Dharamshala

Backpacking Dharamshala

August 9, 2019 1 By admin

Dharamshala is an unbelievably fun experience. this is definitely the lighter aspect of travel. In district Dharamshala lie the sibling cities of McLeod Gunj, Bhagsu Nag and Dharamkot.

Where and when to visit

The best time to visit Dharamshala is from April to July, and in october. End of July and September witness serious monsoon, that make being in Dharamshala extraordinarily wet, inconvenient and slippery.

Mcleod Gunj

When china attacked Tibet, the Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama fled to India and designed a home high within the mountains. There he vowed to stay in peace and nature loving way of the simple Tibetan mountain folks.
(Tip: Eat Momos at the temple road, and visit the The Dalai Lama Temple here.)


Bhagsu is the hippy capital of Dharamshala. while lower Bhagsu is built upward from the bus stop, and is motorable, upper Bhagsu should be reached on foot. I stayed, of course, in upper Bhagsu, wherever all the packing population of Dharamshala lies clustered. Most of the unmotorable a part of Bhagsu {is designed|is made|is constructed} on either aspect of 2 massive staircases built into the incline. each step is about half a foot tall, and regarding 300 steps connect Lower Bhagsu to Dharamkot.

Here, lie low-cost cafes and guesthouses, that receive several ‘regulars’ that come back to stay the season (3 to 4 months). Look out for live music at the various cafes in Bhagsu and Dharamkot.

Trek to Triund

The trek starts from Bhagsu (4 to 5 hours) or Dharamkot (3 to 4 hours). it’s mid level, semi robust trek, and results in a mountaintop dominating the Triund peak. it’s best to start out within the morning. The mountaintop may be a giant, flat space, a field carpeted with soft grass, providing a surprising view of the peaks around. The place is completely sensible, a quiet very little clearing with caves, horses, and tents, waterfalls and heat bonfires in the dark. A world faraway from the globe. Triund has no wireless telephone network, no electricity. it’s aloof from civilisation, and it’s some way of transfer you into the current. once you are in Triund, you aren’t anyplace else. For me, every visit to Triund has been sorcerous.

There are 3 modest ‘cafes’ at Triund which provide basic food and lodging. plan an overnight stay.

If you’re surprised by Triund (which you may be), don’t stop there. Walk a further hour and half up to the snowline restaurant (the last restaurant on the mountain). it’s even quieter than Triund.

For now, keep away your phone, and talk to complete strangers. try new cuisines and dishes. And you’ll be glad that you just did.

More later!