I’m Subhadeep Hazra. I am an avid dreamer, a mechanical engineer by profession,  and a passionate writer, from India.

I dream of traveling to as many places as life takes me. I love to wander on the roads less traveled and love telling the world about them. I prefer traveling on a shoestring budget and loves going solo whenever possible.

I travel to grow as a person, to meet others who inspire and educate me and to (hopefully!) do the same in return, to have my life enriched by the beauty and diversity of this amazing world and to have my eyes, mind and heart opened wide.

Many people think that travel is simply too expensive to be a viable lifestyle choice. Of course, to travel long term you would need a small fortune to stay in luxury hotels every night but the reality is that living nomadic lifestyle is much more affordable, and achievable, than you think.


Of course, I had to make sacrifices to save the money I needed to break free, I have to be careful with money and I work hard while I travel, Don’t let money worries put a hold on your travel dreams.

Join me in my journeys as I take you along virtually through my stories and experiences!



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